Your proffessional time Table software Involve your teacher collegeas- and all will benefit Proffessional solution for timetable planners adn students Timetable in no time
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Your proffessional time Table software

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Involve your teacher collegeas- and all will benefit

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Proffessional solution for timetable planners adn students

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Timetable in no time


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Timetabling experts recommend Untis the Professional Timetable Software for colleges, schools and universities

Creating the timetable and keeping it up to date is a time consuming challenge in most schools. 10 day cycles, blocked sessions and a multitude of (time-) constraints further increase the complexity of this task. Reduced teacher availabilities and room shortages complicate the task of the timetablers even more. And once the timetable is completed, it has to be kept up to date: cover teachers may have to be found for sick colleagues, students and teachers have to be informed of cancellations or room changes and statistical information may have to be passed on to the authorities. Untis can help you with all of these tasks with tailor made tools.

Untis Express,

Limited features for a school that wants to create their simple timetable the most cost effective way.
Your school timetable can be designed and optimised in less than an hour. Easy to use wizard with simple basic steps to ensure your timetable meets your school requirements


The all-powerful timetable engine that will solve the most complexed of timetable situations.
Flexible and can be adapted to primary, secondary, professional, college, university. Untis will help you to distribute the teaching duties, to manage replacement scheduling, to edit your timetables on the Web, and much more.

Web Untis

WebUntis Info makes the complete timetable of your school accessible at any time - via the internet. The upload of the timetable
data only takes a couple of seconds and all of your teachers and even the students instantly have the up to date information in their
personal calendars – even on their mobile devices.



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